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Solar DC Pump Controllr submersible pump controller

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Scope of application:

The solar DC water pump controller is applied to the environment in which the solar panel array is powered, and drives the water pump operated by the DC brushless motor.

Since the control requirements of the DC brushless motor are special, it needs to be controlled by special controller according to the design of the motor. Therefore, such controller must be used for our DC brushless electric pumps.

Working characteristics:

Such a controller can automatically control the operation and stop the pump according to the output voltage and the water level signal of the solar panel array according to the output voltage of the solar panel array and water level signals without manual protection. That is to say, run when the sunshine is strong, stop when the sunshine is too weak, run when the well is full and the tower is dry, stop when the well is dry and the tower is full.

In order to enable the controller to drive the electric pump to achieve the best working condition and to maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaic energy throughout the day, the controller automatically reduces the operating speed of the electric pump when the output voltage of the solar panel is insufficient. Therefore, the output voltage of the solar panel is prevented from being pulled down, causing the controller to have an undervoltage shutdown too soon, and the working time of the entire system is too short.

The main features:

·Operation: start automatically when power on. No need to set parameters to achieve simple operation mode when power on.

·Display mode: The controller uses the digital tube display + LED indicator display mode, the digital tube display is for displaying the working parameters and setting parameters, and the LED indicator is for displaying the working status.

·Digital tube display content: MT350-600W digital tube display can only display input power and speed, and MT750 and MT1500 can display output frequency, input voltage, input current, output voltage, output current, output power, controller temperature, motor speed.

·LED indicator content: MT350-600W has total four indicators, indicating the power, MPPT operation fault. The 750-1500W has five indicators, indicating running, stop fault, normal, and abnormal.

·Protection function: over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, overload, device overheating, blocked, dry, tower full.

·Compatible sensor: MT350-600W can only be connected to the liquid level probe, MT750 and MT1500 can be connected to the liquid level probe, float, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure switch.

Technical parameters:

·Model: MT350-600, MT750, MT1500

·DC voltage level: the highest voltage 150VDC (MT350-600W), the highest voltage 200VDC(MT750, MT1500)

·MPPT voltage range: >50VDC(MT350-600W), >120VDC (MT750, MT1500)

·The speed range: 0-3100pm

·Motor power capacity:

MT350-600W matching motor: 36V 400W, 48V 400W, 48V 500W, 48V 600W

MT750 supporting motor: 110V 750W MT1500 supporting motor: 110V 1100W, 110V 1500W

Note: After the altitude exceeds 200m, the power capacity of each 1500m lower rated

parameters by 10%.

· Liquid level transmission distance: ≤ 100 meters

·Protection level: IP52

solar pump controller

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