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Why do you need to install a MASTRA aeration pump in your fishpond?

Reason and benefits1. Fish and plants need air as human. In the nature, the substrate at the bottom levels of rivers or creeks, aquatic green plants, as well as autotrophic microorganisms such as cyanobacteria, will produce oxygen through photosynthesis. However there are not enough plants or cyanob

2021 08-30
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Tips of choosing MASTRA Submersible Pump

Careful consideration of the liquid being pumped, together with the physical demands of the application such as flow, elevation and distance the fluid travels mean engineers will be able to select the most appropriate pump for the job and achieve maximum performance. Other factors to consider also include the energy economy, durability and servicing expense for each pump offered.

2021 08-10
What MASTRA Pump offers?

Submersible pumps are among the most efficient options available if you need to pump liquid from a large body of water. Whereas most water pumps are positioned outside of bodies of water and pull water to the surface, MASTRA submersible pumps are submerged and push water to the surface.This process

2021 05-12
Into MASTRA solar pump

As we all know, solar pump system is good helper for water treatment, which consists of four parts: solar panels, controller, motor and pump.Without connecting main power, it can provide us more possibility on different places.Many customers in Africa, Middle east, Southeast Asia and so on all tend

2021 05-04
Tips to Tell if Your Mastra Pump is Running Inefficiently

Pump performance curves as part of the documentation provided by the pump manufacturers are based on actual tests. The curve shows how the pump should perform and serves as a valuable reference tool over the life of the pump. So an important question to ask is: “Is the pump delivering the flow and p

2021 04-21
Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar water Pump system

Welcome to MASTRA news time! Herein is little tips for our fans of MASTRA pump, especially those fans who run a farm or what. When deciding which water pump to be used to irrigate your farm, there are some advantages and disadvantages of solar water pumps we thought would be helpful for you to know.

2021 04-13
Guangdong Ruirong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of stainless steel submersible motors and submersible pumps for wells. 



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