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Mastra 6 inch Submersible Pump - R150-CS series sewage pump price

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The impellers and the diffusers are made of new technology, USA high tech composite plastic material, and stainless steel. It is high strength, wear resistant, good to against sands impact, and more longer using life.


1. Adopt  stainless steel 304 pump pipe, PPO impeller, PPO PPO diffuser, beautiful and corrosion resistance.

2. Special thrust bearing is installed to effectively prevent the damage in the process of starting the water pump and transportation.

3. Pump head material: options: copper alloy, stainless steel 304/316, cast iron (anti-rust treatment).

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Guangdong Ruirong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of stainless steel submersible motors and submersible pumps for wells. 



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