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MAD4 Submersible Sewage Pump vertical pump

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MAD4 series of submersible heavy sewage pump is the professional submersible equipment specially developed to resolve waste water drainage containing large particles and fiber material in it. In allusion to different service condition under different power, three types of impellers E/A/B are designed to help drainage waster water containing large particles and fiber material to a max. degree. At the same time, the pump adopts Italian imported double-face mechanical seal with the characters of wear-resisting, heat-resisting and a better lubrication, which create a more durable service life for the pump by fully waterproof.


1. Used in construction site, engineering foundation construction, public facilities and waterworks

2. Drainage sewage from cellar of all sorts of high buildings, bomb shelters, subways, etc

3. Specially for submersible water treatment in small and medium sized enterprises

4. Pumping liquid with slag for enterprises in the field of food, paper making, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metal, tanning, textile, pharmacy, cement, dirt treatment

5. For pig farm, septic tank and other human and animal excrement urine pumping

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Guangdong Ruirong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of stainless steel submersible motors and submersible pumps for wells. 



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